Policies and procedures in nursing practice essay

T — Time The Benefits of a Dress Code An important concern for many healthcare facilities is whether or not patients can identify nurses. Dress codes can also affect the spread of infection by restricting exposure to unsterile garments. Personal accessories can also affect patient perceptions — nurses need to appear professional. If the organization cannot find research to guide them, they can form a committee to conduct their own.

Policies and procedures in nursing practice essay

Legal Compliance Roles and Functions Until this assignment, I had never had to work directly with legal compliance in my job beyond getting group training on general legal policies and procedures. I found the experience enlightening.

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These individuals are available to consult with the HR department staff to respond to questions, assess situations, and otherwise help determine the proper course of action in a given situation. As I observed the interaction with the legal consultants and the HR department personnel, I noticed in particularly that a nurse or nurse administrator consistently followed and observed everything they did and said with respect to patients; they were not allowed to consult with patients without a nurse being present.

Relating Role to Nursing Practice One of the key issues that was emphasized in this experience once more was the critical importance of ensuring complete legal compliance with all regulations. Obviously part of that is to ensure the financial well-being of the hospital and its continued accreditation.

But more importantly, the reasons for those regulations are to ensure improved patient care and best practices throughout the system.

By ensuring that our nursing care complies with the law at Policies and procedures in nursing practice essay stages, we are ensuring that all nurses here provide the best possible care for our patients, and that is the ultimate goal of my hospital.

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Insights Gained I think the two key insights gained in this experience were that legal compliance has a direct and immediate impact on quality of care.

By ensuring that all patients receive care per the legal guidelines, we are in effect ensuring that the care we offer fits the best practices as gleaned from the National Advisory Board. In addition, I realized that legal compliance does one other thing: My hospital is part of a state-wide network of hospitals, and legal compliance ensures a high degree of consistency of care.

A patient will get the same standard of care no matter which hospital they go to. I also noticed, a little to my surprise, that the overall approach taken by the legal compliance consultant was very low-key and non-judgmental.

They were far more likely to ask non-threatening questions—clearly simply asking for information—than to do anything that intimidated or even peripherally could be interpreted as accusing. In their interactions with the nursing staff, they tended to be calm, pleasant, and they went out of their way to be non-threatening and even encouraging.

It was a very pleasant introduction to the concept of legal compliance in the hospital environment. Summary I think the issue of legal compliance is one that is given good support in my organization and I came away from this experience assured that our policies and procedures are in good compliance with the existing requirements.

As part of the discussion with the legal compliance officer, we talked about the various issues with HIPAA including, for example, the distinction between security and privacy. Gallagher outlined that distinction and notes that security is, in essence, about maintaining records electronic and paper in a form that keeps unauthorized people out of them, whereas privacy involves understanding who is authorized to have access to the records.

The compliance officer presented the information very much in accord with Gallagher The new regulations include using a third-party specialist to determine whether there are security gaps in the hospital system; ensuring that all portable devices encrypt data; monitoring the system for potential breaches of security for any system that has access to private health information; including automated privacy breach systems to identify those who access private information about celebrities, friends, family, and neighbors; and ensuring that there are proper audit trails for all health IT applications Long, Again, the compliance officer was able to discuss these issues with me very clearly, leaving me with a much better understanding of the legal and even the financial ramifications of complying with the new regulations.

December 20th, Sharing our thoughts on: Coming up with a good essay topic Writing an effective introduction.The facility must have a written institutional policy and procedure, with input from the Cardiology Department/cardiologist, describing the role of the RN in this procedure, The RN must be able to document the completion of appropriate education and clinical competence in the procedure.

Pressure Ulcer Prevention Evidence Based Practice Tasha Braggs Chamberlain College of Nursing NR Transitions to professional nursing Summer Professional paper.

Evidence-based practice (EBP) provides nurses with a method to use critically appraised and scientifically proven evidence for delivering quality health care to a specific population.

Policies and procedures in nursing practice essay

Policies and Procedures used within the Oregon Network for Maternal and Pediatric Nursing program. SAMPLE CDC POLICIES AND PROCEDURES MANUAL INTRODUCTION The attached sample CDC Policies and Procedures Manual was developed by LISC to assist community development corporations (CDCs) in their administration of federal.

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Student Policies and Procedures. Nursing requires that students engage in diverse, complex and specific experiences essential to the acquisition and practice of nursing at basic, master’s and doctoral levels. Unique combinations of cognitive, affective, psycho-motor, physical and social abilities are required to perform satisfactorily.

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