Project report on stress management

Using alcohol or drugs to cope Tip 1: Beat workplace stress by reaching out Sometimes the best stress-reducer is simply sharing your stress with someone close to you. The act of talking it out and getting support and sympathy—especially face-to-face—can be a highly-effective way of blowing off steam and regaining your sense of calm.

Project report on stress management

Stress that has to do with the content of work Stress that is related to the social and organizational context of work The model also shows that if stress persists, it can lead to mental and physical ill health.


Empirical evidence shows that the common causes of stress at work include: Fear of being laid off Increased overtime caused by staff cutbacks Pressure to meet high expectations but with no increase in job satisfaction Pressure to work at optimal levels at all times Situations that are likely to induce stress are those that are unpredictable or Project report on stress management, unfamiliar or ambiguous, uncertain, loss of performance expectation and situations involving conflict.

Time limited situations such as work deadlines, family demands, job insecurity and ongoing situations or projects also cause stress. Whose work is stress management? Both employee and the management are responsible for stress management.

Project report on stress management

The Employee As an employee, it is important to note that emotions are contagious. When we are stressed as employees, it has an impact on how we relate with others at work. If an employee is good at managing their own stress, they will affect other employees around them positively.

Some tips are provided below on how we can manage stress as employees in the workplace. Recognize warning signs of stress at work The signs and symptoms of stress at work have been provided earlier. It is the duty of the employee to watch out for these signs.

Project report on stress management

When stress interferes with the ability of an employee to perform their work, it is perhaps time to take care of their own needs. This will make the employee stronger and more resilient to stress.

Little changes such as eating healthy, exercising regularly and getting enough sleep can help relieve some of the stress. It is also wise to get support from close relationships to help one through times of stress. Prioritize and Organize To regain control over oneself and the situation when workplace stress becomes overwhelming, an employee should consider doing the following: Time management tips Create a balanced schedule.

Analyze your schedule, daily tasks and responsibilities. Work towards finding a balance between work and family life, daily responsibilities, social activities and downtime. Try not to commit yourself into too many things.

Try not to fit in too many things into one day. If there are too many tasks to be accomplished, leave out tasks that are not necessary till the very end or eliminate them completely.

Try to start your day earlier. Do not add more stress by running late. Take short breaks throughout the day. Try to get away from your desk at some point while at work.

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Stress Management of Bank Employees report

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Stress Management: Using Self-Help Techniques for Dealing with Stress

secunderabad. in partial fulfillment for the award of master of business administration submitted/5(53). This 8 page report discusses numerous aspects of stress and stress management. Psychological and sociological factors have become the contemporary versions of the saber tooth tiger of prehistoric humans’ stress stimulators.

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