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A 5 page essay that presents an overview of various aspects of cognitive psychology.

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Write a program in C which performs some task of your choice. Hand in in an envelope with your name and date: Be prepared to answer detailed questions on what and how the program does.

You might be asked questions like: Name in block letters 1 Write a program which constructs a binary tree from a sequence of given numbers. Ask the user for the numbers. Assume all numbers are positive.

The user ends the input by entering The previous contents of s1 are lost. DO NOT use any string functions from the string. You might want to collaborate with the person writing a function which constructs a binary tree.

The linked list is in sorted order. The program inserts the number n in the linked list such that it stays sorted 11 Write a program which adds a number n at the end of a given linked list.

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Write a program which deletes a number n from a given linked list. The contents of a1 and a2 are already sorted. The program should create a third array a3 which has all the elements of a1 and a2 in sorted order 14 Write a program which takes a linked list as an input and prints the contents of the linked list in reverse order.

Write a program which searches for a number in a linked list. Write a program which constructs a linked list from a sequence of given numbers 17 Write a program which reads two strings s1 and s2 and which returns how many times s2 occurs in s1. The name of the two files and the strings s1 and s2 will be given as parameters on the command line Write a program which performs a direct insertion sort on a sequence of numbers.Reliable TermPapers November 6 ยท 1) Write a paper ( words) that addresses types of health care organizational structure and how each type of structure .

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